Test Plots

Searching for the right variety with the right trait from the best genetics for your farm is our highest goal.

We are independent family seedsmen, and we work closely with the industry’s top breeder programs and are able to select their best genetics. These genetics truly represent the industry’s best offerings with multiple trait options and bin-busting yields that are proven ready for your farm.

We have multiple testing locations and do an extensive amount of research on each variety to see what is going to work best in each location. We understand that what will work in one area, on one person’s farm, will not react the same in another location under different stresses. We do “side x side” testing that has proven many times to be the most effective way to select new genetics and treatment options for your farm.

We have several things we test for at each of these locations:

    • Insect Pressure
    • Disease Pressure
    • Lodging
    • Root Mass
    • Nodules
    • Overall Stress Packages
    • Treatment Options